Wireless headphones for TV viewing are an ideal way to watch TV without the sound distracting or disturbing anyone else in the household. Wireless technology is also the best way to avoid unsightly wires and trip hazards.

Today’s high quality digital wireless audio is so advanced that there is no compromise in sound quality when using wireless headphones for TV sound. They also allow sound from the TV to be heard from anywhere in the room.

Wireless Headphones For TV – The Choices

One of the best choices in wireless headphones for TV viewing are the Sennheiser RS220. These excellent  headphones offer CD quality sound and are top of the range, easily matching the quality of equivalent wired headphones. They deliver excellent sound quality and have received excellent reviews from other audio sites. They are at the top of the price range however Sennheiser are world-renowned for being a leading manufacturer of audio accessories. See Product Details… Other premium wireless headphones such as Sennheiser RS 170, which sell for about $260 also deliver great sound as far as long-range wireless headphones go, although they are priced much higher. The sound quality of these wireless headphones for TV viewing purposes is excellent, with great strides having been made by Sennheiser in recent years in delivering great wireless sound quality. See Product Details…


In the mid-price range of less than $100 there are some decent options such as the Sennheiser RS120, which sells for about $100, or the Sennheiser RS110 over-ear model which sells for around $80. Both units deliver a decent bass response and operate at 900Mhz promising a good signal over a long distance. See Product Details… Another wireless headphone model in the mid-price range are the Sony MDRRF985RK. This model which is priced at about $80 and comes with a noise reduction system and a promise of long battery life – up to 25 hours. The Sony units also state that to achieve cordless freedom “one simple setup process is all that is required to find optimal RF reception”. Although the pairing of most of these headphones to their respective base stations is relatively straightforward. See Product Details…


If you are looking for a light-weight alternative to traditional headphones the Sennheiser IS410 Wireless Headphones could be for you. They offer reasonable sound quality (albeit not the same bass performance as models with full over-ear fitment) without the bulk of the other wireless headphones for TV viewing. These headphones may be better for those with hearing problems, to boost output from the TV without deafening others! See Product Details…

Wireless Headphones – Our Verdict

In our opinion the Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Headphones offer an exceptional sound experience and every nuance of sound found in your favourite movies and television shows can now be heard in a whole new way. Any external noise is kept outside for the best sound quality. These  are one of the best premium wireless headphones for TV viewing currently on the market .

“Going with the less expensive models, may not offer the excellent sound quality that most audiophiles are searching for in a high-quality pair of wireless headphones for TV viewing. Generally, for the price the The Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Headphones are considered to be the best”

The sound is clear, transmission is excellent and any noises such as clicks and pops are kept to a minimum. The sound comes through very clearly without distortion and television viewers can be anywhere in the room and still be able to hear the crystal clear sound, the Sennheiser RS220 Wireless Headphones are not cheap but are a solid reliable buy – Check out other Reviews HERE.

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