Shoulder Dolly personal lifting systems are great for lifting heavy objects and moving large or hard to carry items up stairs and across long expanses where traditional dollies just can’t go.

Even if the dolly has a stair kit, it’s almost impossible to get the rubber grips to work correctly. Plus, when going up stairs, you have to fight the weight of the object, the dolly and the stair climbing kit.

That’s dangerous. It can lead to strains, sprains and back injuries as well as arm and shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Dolly Features

The two most popular human powered lifting systems on the market are the Shoulder Dolly or the Forearm Forklift is another option.

The Shoulder Dolly LD1000 2-Person Lifting and Moving System is more suited to occasional movers. As its name suggests the shoulder dolly consists of two harnesses worn over the shoulders of the two people moving the furniture and a long strap that attaches to both harnesses. See Product Details…

The Shoulder Dolly isn’t restricted to professional movers. They are good for personal moves, and are much more efficient and easy to use than a traditional dolly.

Shoulder dollies are getting more common in professional delivery businesses where moving items can cause undue stress and hardship especially delivering heavy TV’s up multiple flights of stairs or manoeuvring large items in tight spots.

The Heavy Duty Shoulder Dolly 3500 Pro Lift is one of the best choices for the professional. See Product Details…

Shoulder Dolly – How To Use

The long strap fits under the appliance or piece of furniture that needs to be moved. To lift the furniture or appliances, the two people using the harnesses simply stand up with their hands bracing the object that they are moving. Once both individuals are upright, they only have to walk the object to its new destination.

The ensemble is very easy to use. There’s no pushing, pulling or straining to move the object. The individuals using the dolly simply slip the strap under the object they wish to move.

The shoulder dolly itself uses the leg muscles of the two people using it. The only use for the arms and shoulders is to brace, secure and balance the object on the strap.

Because this type of dolly primarily uses the legs, it is much safer than using a traditional dolly and causes far fewer injuries because the individuals using it merely need to stand and walk. There’s no pushing, pulling or dragging involved with moving the item.

The harnesses and straps weigh approximately four pounds. The straps are approx. five inches wide and 12 ft long. The length and width ensure that most objects can be carried easily.

The strap is recommended for items that weight 800 pounds or less, but it has been tested with objects up to 1,500 pounds.

The shoulder dolly is great for moving washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, couches, large TVs, entertainment stands, bookshelves, mattresses, dressers, vanities and box springs.

In fact, anything that can be balanced on the strap can be moved using the specially designed harness and strap system. It’s safe, efficient and affordable.

Another alternative as mentioned earlier is the Forearm Forklift which is a similar system to the Shoulder Dolly except it uses the forearms of the person carrying the item to bear the main weight. See Product Details…

While the forearm forklift is a cheaper alternative it is possibly not as well suited as the shoulder dolly for large heavy items.

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