Pocket Toner – Top Tip For Satellite TV Installation

A pocket toner is a relatively inexpensive purchase, but one that is commonly overlooked by people installing a satellite TV system. As rings true for any task, the key to a smooth, stress-free satellite television installation lies in preparation and availability of the correct tools for the job.

One of the most useful and affordable tools is the pocket toner; a portable, easy to use piece of test equipment that allows even the most novice installer to locate the correct coax cable and test continuity for all cables in a distributed satellite TV system.

Like many such tools, the pocket toner is available in a range of price-points and with a variety of capabilities. At the lower end of the market are basic models like the Jonard PT-300 Pocket Continuity Tester and Toner. Basic models of pocket toner offer only rudimentary feedback yet prove very effective. Most of these models incorporate a range of LED indicators and an audible tone indicating continuity. See Product Features…

There are models for most types of common coax connectors and these models range in price from around $10 to $20.

The Jonard range of pocket toner tools are particularly effective for simple tasks like line testing as well as cable organization and labeling. The video below shows how to use the toner to trace coax cables.

Pocket Toner – How To Video

Moving up the price range with increased flexibility and options, there are several types of pocket toner in the $20 to $50 price range. At this price point, pocket toner products like the Advantage ADV1018 8-Way Coax Cable Mapper that will test and map several coaxial cables at one time and provide LED indicators and audible tones. See Product Features…

These options can prove especially useful when installing a large, complicated in-home or office satellite television system.

Another popular tester in this price bracket, which will also map several coax cables is the Triplett 3274 WireMaster Coax 8-Way Coaxial Cable Mapper it tests up to 8 connections via BNC connections (Requires adaptors for BNC to F Connector) but also has over voltage protection and a real-time test which helps identify intermittent faults. See Product Features… The upper range of testers, from $50 to $125, offer tremendous flexibility as well as the capability to test and map many coax lines at one time. The Jonard CM-8 Coax Cable Mapper 8 Way and Toner Kit is on the lower end of this price scale but offers some valuable features for testing coax in Satellite TV installations plus many other cable types e.g. CATV, Audio Video Equipment, CCTV and Security Alarm circuits. See Product Specs… Other more notable high-end kits like the Triplett 3281 WireMaster Cable Mapping Kit (above) come with a large selection of cable connection adapters, multiple simultaneous audio tones, and easy-to-read LED’s covering multiple tests. See Product Features…

While likely more useful to professional installers, the home hobbyist or do-it-yourself guru should not rule these models out. They offer the greatest flexibility and quality at a reasonable price.

No matter the size of the project or the budget, chances are there is a pocket toner to meet most peoples needs. One of these versatile test kits could truly be the difference between finishing the installation and calling in a professional.

Satellite television installation is a relatively simple process. However, if one does not own the correct tools for the job, these projects can prove immensely frustrating. Adding one of these kits to your toolbox could pay dividends down the road if problems should arise.