Driveway Alarm Review – Wireless vs Wired Systems

If you possess a large plot of land and want security through an advanced warning system, you should consider installing a driveway alarm system. Since the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the right to private property has been tangible for thousands of Americans. However, one of the challenges of property ownership is property protection.

With a driveway alarm like the Mighty Mule FM231 Wireless Driveway Alarm installed on your property roads, you will have peace of mind without having to live in a self-made prison.

Driveway Alarm Choices – Wireless vs Wired

The benefit of a driveway alarm system like the easily installed, wireless Mighty Mule FM231 is that they only sense vehicles. If a deer walks up the path, the driveway alarm will not pester you with warnings, thus saving you time and preventing constant worry of intruders. See Product Details…

Imagine the following scenario. You own a home located in a secluded area. Having a gate and fences around the property is not necessary since passing traffic is minimal at most.

However, occasionally, people drive up your driveway simply to investigate. Because there are three paths into the property, you have three vantage points to monitor. To provide advanced warning of intruders on your premises, you could choose three methods of alarm: security cameras, motion sensors, or a driveway alarm.

Each of these methods has it own benefits, but the drawbacks are most important. To be effective, security cameras require constant monitoring, something that you do not have time for.

Motion sensors, on the other hand, will sense anything on the path whether human, animal, or mechanical.

There are two types of driveway alarm system available the wireless option above is a great solution – and is currently the most popular – but there can be limitations in terms of wireless range and battery life as well as some false positives and negatives. For the price, and if you can live with a few false readings then this is a good all round product.

If you want something more reliable then a system like the Winland Vehicle Alert System (pictured below) may be more suitable. Although this system is more expensive and requires you to run a cable back to the control unit it may be a more robust solution for those who need accuracy. See Product Details…

A driveway alarm has additional uses on top of home security. Imagine that you have a fast food restaurant with limited staff. Since foot traffic into the business is heavier than vehicle traffic at the drive through window, you do not have a full-time staff member at the drive through. Instead, you can install driveway alarms to alert your workers that a vehicle has stopped at the window.

In this circumstance, driveway alarms can speed customer service and prevent wasted time waiting for customers.

Driveway alarms have a purpose, both in the home defense market and the drive-through business market. In both instances, a motion detector would be too sensitive to differentiate between a vehicle and passing people or animals.

At the same time, security cameras would require a separate person to monitor them. As the perfect go-between for home and business owners who want the convenience of cameras with the controlled sensitivity of a motion detector, the driveway alarm can detect vehicles accurately, time and time again.

If you are looking to protect your property from intruders or notify your workers of customers that need assistance, you should definitely invest in a driveway alarm from Mighty Mule. With its many benefits and advantages, this product will easily pay for itself.