Many people with expensive home theaters protect their equipment with surge protectors, which prevent electrical surges from destroying sensitive electronics. But people rarely fit a coax surge protector to their TV setup.

What many people don’t realize is that it’s not enough to just protect electrical outlets. Coaxial cables from satellite dishes can also carry surges that can instantly ruin $5,000 worth of televisions, DVRs, and game consoles.Fortunately – to prevent this kind of catastrophe – any homeowner can install an electrical surge protector with a built-in Coax Surge Protector. In fact, many people already own a coax surge protector and simply don’t know it.

Coax Surge Protector – Options

There are many electrical outlets specially designed for home entertainment systems that incorporate coaxial and phone protection.

Products like the Monster MP AV 750 Audio Video PowerCenter offer the easiest solution by keeping all home theater wires neatly organized, but they’re also the most expensive solution depending on number of ports and protection offered.  See Product Details…

The more expensive models like Monster actually offer a warranty stating that the company will pay for all equipment that is damaged by a surge, which is more than enough to cover any potential loss in almost any home theater.

“We’re Monsterously confident about the AV 750’s advanced power protection, which is why we’ll replace up to $400,000 worth of your equipment if it’s damaged by power conditions. With Monster Power on your side, you’ll have the extra peace of mind that your valuable home theater equipment is covered”

Besides surge protection, these devices also expand the number of electrical outlets available for a home theater, which often requires six or more outlets for a television, cable box, DVD player, game consoles, and speakers. Instead of purchasing a cheap power strip, homeowners should seriously consider spending the extra money and protect their equipment with a coax surge protector instead.

Coax Surge Protector – A Smaller Solution

Some televisions simply don’t need all those extra electrical outlets, and some surge protectors don’t have coaxial ports.

In either case, you can have a small stand-alone protector like the TII 212 Broadband Cable TV Lightning Surge Protector which can be purchased for just a few dollars and save re-investing in an all-in-one solution. See Product Details…

About the size of a AA battery, they don’t look like much, but they can mean the difference between a functioning home theater and fried equipment. When the choice is between $3 for a surge protector and $5,000 for a new home theater, there’s really no choice at all. Unfortunately, these tiny devices often lack the warranty that larger power strips offer.

These surge protectors aren’t good for just one use either. Some are rated to protect against literally thousands of unique surges, which no homeowner realistically has to worry about.

Some homes can experience several each year. Others may not experience any at all. It’s impossible to tell if a surge protector is working, but it’s really easy to tell when it’s not.
See Here For Further Product Details…

Home theaters aren’t the only electronics that should be protected either. Cable modems and spare televisions in other rooms are all in danger, and any sensitive electronics should be properly grounded and plugged into surge protectors.

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