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TV Tuner For PC

Looking for a TV tuner for your PC. An HDTV tuner is an invaluable gadget, allowing reception of DTV (Digital TV) channels which use ATSC high quality HDTV. Viewing TV is no longer limited to a traditional TV set, with the … Read More

Feed Thru Bushing – For RG6 Coax Installation

A Feed thru bushing is a small plastic plug used for installation of RG6 Coax (or similar) cable. When going to the trouble of feeding coax through a building for a satellite TV installation – especially if you have spent … Read More

DirecTV Dish Pointing

Satellite antennas must be carefully aimed for proper reception. Professional installers can do all this, of course, but DirecTV dish pointing is a readily accomplished task for the do-it-yourself types too. DirecTV satellites are in stationary orbits about 22,000 miles … Read More