TV Tuner For PC

Looking for a TV tuner for your PC. An HDTV tuner is an invaluable gadget, allowing reception of DTV (Digital TV) channels which use ATSC high quality HDTV. Viewing TV is no longer limited to a traditional TV set, with the option now to view on a PC or laptop. There are select HDTV tuners which stand out among others, providing an easy spot for prospecting buyers and purchasers.

Here is a quick list of some of the bestselling HDTV tuners follows.

HP WinTV-HVR-1260 G2 Hybrid W IR TV Tuner 590051-001

Now, although technically a tuner card, most of the work actually comes from the HP WinTV-HVR-1260. It accumulates better overall reception, and transmits it onto the TV with utmost precision, premier high-definition quality, and nearly full-resolution.Read More…

Best Buy HDMI Cable – How To Avoid Being Ripped Off!

For the uninitiated, obtaining a best buy HDMI cable is no simple matter, the selection, scope and price range is enough to make the average person’s head spin.

The good news is that obtaining a good HDMI cable which fully support your equipments features is not difficult if you know what to look. Most of the information available on the subject is just noise, distinguishing the signal isn’t really that hard at all if you follow these simple guidelines.

A high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable is a compact audio-video cable used to transfer data from a source device, such as a Blu-ray player, to a display device, such as an HDTV. HDMI was introduced in 2002 and soon became the de facto standard for delivering high-definition content to our televisions.
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Feed Thru Bushing – For RG6 Coax Installation

A Feed thru bushing is a small plastic plug used for installation of RG6 Coax (or similar) cable.

When going to the trouble of feeding coax through a building for a satellite TV installation – especially if you have spent time fishing cables through small holes and wall gaps – you will not want to ruin the whole installation for the want of these small plastic bushings.

Used correctly a feed thru bushing will help prevent damage to the insulation of the coax cable by preventing it from rubbing on any abrasive or sharp surfaces.

If you just leave your coax poking out of a hole then the chances of it chaffing against a plaster or brick wall are high. Even after a short period of time this can easily wear the insulation of standard RG6 coax cable.

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DirecTV Dish Pointing

Satellite antennas must be carefully aimed for proper reception. Professional installers can do all this, of course, but DirecTV dish pointing is a readily accomplished task for the do-it-yourself types too. DirecTV satellites are in stationary orbits about 22,000 miles above the equator, so the starting point for aligning the antenna is to first know your location on Earth.

DirecTV Dish Pointing – Tools

You’ll need a compass to establish the satellite’s azimuth – it’s angle from true north. Note, however, that a compass points at magnetic north, not true north, and you may need a declination table to provide the correction for your location. GPS devices point at true north.

A satellite signal strength meter with a audible tone output is necessary for finding the maximum signal. These range from inexpensive units for occasional use to full-featured ones for professionals.

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