FTA Receivers – The Top Choices For Free To Air Receivers

FTA Receivers – or Free to air satellite television receivers deliver TV and radio broadcasts via an unencrypted platform. The greatest advantage of FTA is there are no service providers, no contract, no bills, no heavy installation and no need to be in a specified area. It can save hundreds a year!

In these hard economic times when the last thing you need is another bill, FTA receivers have become a popular solution rather than the big networks which work on a subscription basis. It’s also ideal for those areas where standard alternatives like cable aren’t available.

FTA Receivers

FTA systems are, all things considered, fairly inexpensive. Yet even the most expensive FTA Receivers will cost less than a few months of any monthly service.

FTA Receivers - X2 FTA Dvb-s Mini Digital Satellite Receiver

In the lower price range the X-Squre FTA DVB-S Mini Digital Satellite Receiver is an affordable and excellent option. This SD (Standard Definition) unit doesn’t have a lot of bells n whistles but has access to 5000 channels at a reasonable price See Product Features…

FTA Receivers - The Openbox S9 High Definition FTAThe Openbox S9 High Definition FTA Receiver runs on a Linux OS; supports DVB 2, DVBS, MPEG-4 and Blind Scan; records to external devices. It includes an HDMI cable, USB and Ethernet ports and a remote control. See Product Features…


FTA Receivers - CNX Conaxsat Nanosat Nano PremiumThe CNX Conaxsat Nanosat Nano Premium sits in the mid-price range and is a standout among FTA receivers. There’s a LAN port to connect to the Internet or your home network. Besides satellite viewing, stream films using Nano’s premium website. See Product Features… Or watch from your PC with the streaming feature. It comes with 2 USB ports + PVR functions and an optional Nanosat Wireless WiFi Bridge.

FTA Receivers - i-Link IS-9100 PVR FTAAnother choice in the mid-price range is the i-Link IS-9100 PVR which updates its software and channel database frequently. These updates can be accessed through RS232 and USB ports. It comes with both Blind Scan and a zoom function. It’s programmable for up to 5,000 channels and also comes PVR ready to and is very easy to hookup to your own choice of recorder. See Product Features…


FTA Receivers - FreeSat 800 HD FTA

In the higher end of the price range is the FreeSat 800 HD FTA Receiver and features SPDIF, S-video and dual USB ports. It comes with a premium Axing 4.1 DiSEqC switch. Program your seven favorite channel groups. It’s PVR ready, making recording, play and time shift a snap. The FreeSat also supports subtitles. See Product Features…

FTA Receivers - Limesat HD Air + LS400 QPSK + WiFi Add-onAnother popular high-end unit is the Limesat HD Air + LS400 QPSK + WiFi Add-on it comes bundled with an LS400 Module (For decoding HD Content) and a Wi-Fi unit. The Limesat is considered by users with experience to be one of the best FTA receivers available. With a control version 1.2 DiSEqC, and a multi-LNB. You can program a maximum of 10,000 channels. See Product Features…

There are two types of FTA receivers and systems for purchase:-

Stationary FTA Satellite System: These systems comprise of a satellite dish, FTA receiver and linear LNB and is designed for specific targeting of channels. You can also use this type of system if you already have a service and there are channels you either aren’t getting or don’t want to add to the bill.

With a little due diligence you can determine what languages, nationalities and shows are available on which satellite dish. You’d buy that particular system. Once installed, you’d follow the directions for getting the channel, i.e., where to point the dish.

Motorized FTA Satellite System: As well as FTA Receivers this system requires an FTA satellite dish, linear LNB and a DiSEqC motor. The motor is attached to the satellite dish and then connected to the receiver. It allows you to point the dish at any satellite.

Give yourself access to any broadcast line up using a motorized system, maximizing your viewing experience.

As well as FTA receivers the only other equipment needed is a low noise, or linear, block down converter (LNB) and an FTA satellite dish. All you do is install the dish and connect the signal. After, you’ll have immediate access to hundreds of channels.

There is a large selection of FTA receivers and packages that can fit any needs. You can save a lot off your budget each year utilizing these products and probably enjoy even more channels. Fine tune your programming and receive broadcasts that no other provider can offer.